Millennium UPS Is The Leading Multi-Brand Supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply Products

Millennium UPS offers the best in comprehensive maintenance and repair of all major UPS brands. When power goes out, you count on your battery backup to carry you through and when it doesn’t, we are the company to rely on. We not only service, maintain, and repair these types of systems; we also offer short to long term rentals, new systems sales, and turnkey removals and installations.

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UPS Brands:

UPS systems come in many different capacities and can be challenged with manufacturer specific problems. Millennium UPS prides itself with ongoing education about many popular UPS products and assist our customers in alleviating the headaches before they occur. We are trained and service many brands such as: Mitsubishi, Powerware, Chloride, Toshiba, Liebert, MGE, APC, Best, Xtreme, Tripp Lite, Myers, Dual Lite, Online Power, & PDI.

UPS Batteries:

UPS batteries are the single most point of failure in an emergency power system. Millennium UPS guarantees through service that this weakness in infrastructure can be alleviated. Our trained technicians carefully inspect and test each individual battery during our preventive maintenance visit to look out for signs of potential failure before a power outage occurs. We sell & service  all brands of VRLA batteries such as: C&D, Deka, Enersys, Powerware, GNB, CSB, Panasonic, & Yuasa.