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EL924 Series Emergency Lighting UPS

Toshiba EL924 Series

The Toshiba EL924 Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is the next generation solution for the emergency lighting UPS market. As a Houston made, double conversion, all-IGBT UPS, the EL924 Series supplies the true sinewave power needed by the LED lights industry. The EL924 Series system’s capacity allows it to act as a large centralized power hub in a building system for reduced maintenance costs and time. With a compact footprint, high degree of customizability, and industry-leading reliability, the EL924 Series UPS brings the quality of the Toshiba brand to UL 924 applications.

The EL924 Series Emergency Lighting UPS brings the quality of the Toshiba brand to UL 924 applications. EL924 Series systems are ideal for emergency lighting and power equipment that are highly efficient, easily installed, small footprint with 0.9 power factor. Most importantly, they meets the UL 924 standard with 90+ minute runtime of battery capacity. Unlike smaller, less efficient emergency lighting systems that back up only a small fraction of a building’s lighting, the EL924 series enables a centralized approach to emergency lighting for improved ease of maintenance and superior power quality to meet the rising usage and requirement of LED lighting. The included battery cabinets contain valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries that provide uniform installation appearance, reliable battery backup, and a low profile footprint. Optional Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS) cabinet allows power to be routed around the system for system maintenance without loss of power to the load.

Toshiba EL924 Specification

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