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Like all other Mitsubishi Electric UPSs, the 9900B is a three-phase, on-line double-conversion system and features Mitsubishi Electric’s world-renown Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology for enhanced UPS performance and reliability. It enjoys the largest install base, with just under 2000 in North America alone. The 9900B is available in 300, 500, and 750 kVA, and is Energy Star rated.


If downtime in your business equals disaster, Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability among backup power equipment suppliers through robust proprietary technology designed to deliver continuous power in the most demanding environments. Whereas competitors only estimate their reliability, Mitsubishi Electric’s installed base of 9900 series Uninterruptible Power Supplies have sustained load carrying capability more than 99.9992% of their actual operational history.


How an IGBT power device is controlled is key to achieving optimum performance characteristics of a UPS. Utilizing a combination of high sampling rates and Direct Digital Control (DDC), the 9900B is able to provide superior performance under all load conditions.

Benefits to the customer include excellent output voltage control, dynamic inverter response, and minimal voltage distortion during full load steps without the DC source. These characteristics maximize the performance of the UPS and increase the overall reliability of components and the system.

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