EnerSys’ DataSafe Battery line consists of lead-acid valve regulated batteries. EnerSys DataSafe NPX batteries are perfect for high rate discharge UPS applications. The NPX battery provides up to 50% more wattage compared to conventional batteries with a 30% reduction in size. These batteries comply with the non-spillable battery regulation, therefore they can be operated in any position without leakage. The DatasSafe NPX battery series has a life expectancy between 3-5 years when kept at the correct temperature.

  • Sealed Construction: Can be operated in any position without leakage.
  • Complies with non-spillable battery regulation.

EnerSys DataSafe NPX Batteries Features & Benefits:

  • UL recognized
  • Sealed construction – can be operated in any position without leakage
  • Complies with non-spillable battery regulation, per IATA special provision A67 and 49CFR

Life expectancy at 25°C (77°F):

Standby use: 3-5 years

Cycle use (approx.):

  • 100% depth of discharge: 250 cycles
  • 50% depth of discharge: 550 cycles
  • 30% depth of discharge: 1200 cycles

Charge retention (shelf life) at 68°F (20°C):

  • 1 month 97%
  • 3 months 91%
  • 6 months 85%


Operating temperature range:


  • 5°F to 122°F:
  • (-15°C to 50°C)


  • -4°F to 140°F
  • (-20°C to 60°C)

Standard housing material:

  • ABS resin with optional V-0 Flame Retardant ABS


EnerSys DataSafe NPX Models

  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-100 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-135 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-150 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-24 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-25 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-35 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-35-6 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-50-6 Batteries
  • EnerSys DataSafe NPX-80 Batteries

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