[Formerly Powerware FERRUPS Tower UPS] Ideal for demanding applications such as 911 centers, global military installations, marine vessels, and other mission-critical applications that demand a high-quality power backup system, the EATON FERRUPS TOWER UPS continually regulates voltage and eliminates harmful harmonic currents while providing unsurpassed performance as an industrial UPS system or a commercial UPS system. Featuring scalable runtimes and proven ferroresonant battery backup power, the EATON FERRUPS is highly configurable with a wide range of voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords, and receptacles.


  • Converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power
  • Ferroresonant technology closely monitors sine wave purity
  • External battery cabinets prolong backup time
  • Incoming power is conditioned without depleting the battery, thereby conserving battery power for complete power outages
  • Customizable receptacles, input plugs, voltage-matching transformers, and bypass switches provide compatibility with virtually any application
  • Provided with free software bundle that includes LanSafe and FORESEER network monitoring software to ensure highest levels of data integrity

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