Liebert Series 610

Liebert Series 610 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to protect large-scale, mission-critical applications from the full range of data center power quality problems and outages. The space-effective system is also extremely energy-efficient, with an operating efficiency of up to 94%. Field-proven reliability and multiple configuration options make Liebert Series 610 an industry leader in data center infrastructure protection.
Liebert Series 610 UPS is configured for single module and multi-module systems. Single module capacities range from 225kVA to 1000kVA, at 480VAC, 208VAC and 600VAC, 60Hz. Options are available for load bus synchronization, Liebert PowerTie™ dual bus system, maintenance bypass, power distribution, switchgear, batteries, communications, and many other accessories to match your specific data center design needs.

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Manufacturer: Liebert


  • UPS protection for large facilities
  • Offers large capacity in a small footprint
  • Provides single module and multi-module configurations
  • Operates with up to 94% energy efficiency
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