Deka Unigy UPS

Designed specifically for UPS service.
This line is housed in standard polypropylene or flame retardant polypropylene rated at 28 LOI 12 volt monobloc. The absorbed glass-mat (AGM) construction lowers internal resistance for superior high-rate, short-term discharges typical of UPS demands.

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Manufacturer: Deka

Deka Unigy II Interlock AVR95 sealed lead-acid systems offer more power in less space. Patented Interlock Module design eliminates rear bolting, allows front access bolting and increases installation safety. It offers more choices in configuring the battery system, provides more flexibility when choosing height and length of your particular system configurations, and enhances space saving and versatility.

Models Include:

  • HR3000
  • HR3500
  • HR4000
  • HR5500



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