Deka Unigy High Rate Series

Designed specifically for UPS service.
This line is housed in standard polypropylene or flame retardant polypropylene rated at 28 LOI 12 volt monobloc. The absorbed glass-mat (AGM) construction lowers internal resistance for superior high-rate, short-term discharges typical of UPS demands.

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Manufacturer: Deka

Exclusive IPFTM

technology optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability

■ Advanced AGM technology 

for superior high-rate power 

■ Front Access design for easy installation and maintenance 

■ Reinforced case resists bulging and meets safety requirements 

■ Case & cover heat sealed and 100% tested to prevent leaks 

■ Puncture resistance micro-porous glass mat separators extend life 

■ Low pressure, seal-sealing valves are 100% factory tested. Flame arrestor installed on flame-retardant battery

■ Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products

■ All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 485, 1187, and 1188 requirements at shipment 

■ Battery design and construction meet UL recognition requirements


Models Include:

  • 4DHR6500



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